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not be deterred. >> we are very, very convinced that what we are doing. it is by n means a stunt. we have thought this out. we have prayed this through. we believe that this type of message is right now very, very necessary in america before it's too late. >> msnbc's rachel maddow joining us this hour to discuss this and more. new questions about the president's timetable and strategy for afghanistan. in a league of his own, nfl star goes back to his childhood home to help one of the poorest countries in the world. it is a story you have to see to believe. good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in new york today. the pastor of a tiny church in florida could be in sighting a holy war against the islamic world if he sticks to his plan to burn korans on 9/11. >> i am definitely a radical but not in that sense. i am not promoting the changing of the constitution.
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i am not promoting the killing of çpeople. i am radical in the sense that i believe the bible to be the word of god. i believe jesus christ is the only way to salvation, to forgiveness. >> a short time ago a 9/11 families group issued a statement calling jones' plan unacceptable and, quote, abhorrent" and an as a result to victims of 9/11 and the many brave individuals who have risen in the defense of our nation. rachel maddow joining us. the emotion behind this and foreign policy issues are enormous. we've had hillary clinton and this from general petraeus. let's watch. >> we're concerned that the images from the burning of a koran would be used in the same way extremists used images from abu ghraib.
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they would, in a sense, be indelible. they would be in cyberspace forever. they would be nonbiodegradable and used by those who wish us ill, to incite violence and against our mission in afghanistan and undoubtedly around the world. >> i wanted to share with you what hillary clinton said today, not only about this because she first reacted in her speech last night but how she suggests the media should hasn't it. >> we're, as you've seen in the last few days, speaking out. general petraeus made the very powerful point that as seemingly, you know, small a group of people doing this, the fact is that it will have
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potentially great harm for our troops. >> so we are hoping that the pastor decides not to do this. we're hoping against hope if he does it won't be covered. >> of course that raises a whole lot of other questions. what do you make of this? let's boil this down. she hopes it wouldn't be covered. i sympathize with her impulse. last night on my show i did the whole story awkwardly without saying the name of the church or pastor. that's what it is, doing something so outrageous everybody covers it. >> we're talking about a church with 20, 30, 40 people, there's ways they can -- >> the part of the first amendment that protects this. it's a great reminder, the first amendment, our system of values in terms of speech in this
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country is about not just thoughtful speech, useful speech, constructive speech but idiotic and irrational speech that hurts the country as well. our solution to harmful speech is more speech. the fact this sword of fred phelpsi iaia iaia iaian kook of getting attention. hopefully it will bring out the best of americans saying this is not meant to be a holy war between christians and muslims. more speech is always the answer to bad speech. i do think politically it's important to recognize the context in which these folks in florida are doing makes sense. that's the context religions freedom isn't the point. they believe there ought to be a holy war between christians and muslims. that's a strain of political thinking in the united states. yes, it's held by these
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extremist groups like this pastor in florida. it's also on the right, those that pushed an anti-muslim message, that stokes these things. in rational discourse we may say there isn't a holy war going on, but there are people on the right flirting with that and i think it's very dangerous. >> this is a point mayor bloomberg, courting unpopularity on this saying he agrees with the right to have this contrary koran burning because it's the other part of the first amendment as youç pointed out. this is aclu going back quite a ways, an inherent part of the first amendment. at the same time we are facing what general petraeus warns is an indelible image. the fact is the people over there do not understand that president obama cannot order this not to happen or hillary clinton order us not to cover
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it. >> therefore the only thing responsible americans, people worried about what this will do not only to america's vision abroad but people abroad in harm's way, soldiers and places where this might be misconstrued, the way americans who feel responsible and worry about these things have to respond is by creating more speech, condemns this, makes clear what americans views are. and islam is not just a religion, something waging war on america, anybody who serves as an intern for the council of relations in a fifth colonist inside and that's happening in american politics and that has to be denounced. >> the president is about to give a speech where john boehner spoke two weeks ago, take on john boehner and try to fight back against this whole idea of a tax break, continuing the tax
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break, which takes an affirmative act, extending the tax break for the wealthy, make a populist argument out of this. but is he also missing the point politically in saying it's all about infrastructure? is that a rallying cry to try to get the uninspired obama surge voters back to the polls and save the day for democrats? >> understanding the white house strategy at this point, clearly they have to engage on the issue of the economy. the economy is the contextual issue that makes all the difference for this election. they have got to talk about it. they have to talk about it in a constructive way. talking about infrastructure used to be something that had sort of bipartisan resonance in the country, even the fight around the stimulus, a lot of republicans who criticized the stimulus and said if it was more infrastructure item support it. in a way the political impact of this is not that it's going to put a lot of americans back to work. even if it's funded, those infrastructures won't create jobs until next year.
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it put republicans nç record of being against their own ideas. they said they wanted infrastructure but when obama proposes it they are against it. they said they wanted tax cuts, but when obama proposes it, they open it. >> speaking of the party of no, sarah palin and a lot of others. >> hell no. the party of hell no. >> meghan mccain on your show. meghan mccain, a new book out on leno last night. >> like the rest of the country i had no idea who she was. i was actually like crying on the bus on the way to the rally. i remember being on stage and distinctly remember thinking, god, please don't let her have skeletons in the closet, please god. i was scared. i didn't know her. >> what dunk of her when you met her? what was your initial reaction? >> my reaction was who the hell is sarah palin. >> i can't wait to see her with you on your show. >> me, too. i've done one long interview in the past with meghan mccain.
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totally enjoyed it. her personality is such that she's willing to engage on all of these topics about which everybody is more diplomatic and it makes her a fun sbr view. her book is about this idea there are no secrets, you must be open about everything in your life. as a kid of a politician, everybody learns about you anyway. she has a refreshing openness you don't get in politics. what she's saying about the trauma of sarah palin being brought on is something other people associated with the campaign have told me numerous different times, a number of people involved in that campaign in different ways in the months since that campaign ended. to get the insiders take, somebody willing to go on the record and talk about it, i cannot wait. >> it's going to be great. we're going to be watching. i swear i heard her call in to wait, wait, don't tell me. i didn't dream that, rachel, but i'll check it out. tonight will be special. thank you very much. rachel maddow. >> thank you. >> midday.
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of course join rachel weeknights 9:00 eastern for "the rachel maddow show," only here on msnbc. up next congresswoman jane har mann just back from afghanistan with a new take on the white house's timetable for withdrawal. hello chicago, are you ready for a mayor named rahm emanuel? send meç your thoughts. find me on twitter at mitchell reports. this is andrea mitchell only on msnbc. i'm a hot babe out jogging.
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democratic congresswoman jane harman is joining us. congresswoman, thanks so much. >> thank you, andrea. >> you've resry written about the president's timetable being ambiguous. you want more certainty for allies, troops, ourselves. what is wrong with the way the president has framed it, and
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general petraeus, being condition-based. >> let me tell you about my weekend. i with two other democrats and two republicans was in lebanon, pakistan, afghanistan, and the country of georgia. and my answer does relate to that whole trip. pakistan, andrea, as you know, is suffering biblical-sized floods. that means that the very fragile government is further destabilized. the assets, some of them, they were providing to go against the taliban and pakistan are now devoted to trying to transfer people out of these flooded regions where all the infrastructure is destroyed. this matters because the network in particular, one of the taliban groups, is viciously attacking us in afghanistan. so my view of all this is that the july 2011 date is extremely ambiguous. some people want us out totally. others think it is not ç meaningful. now we need to tell the american people and the world how we are going to downsize our military
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force in afghanistan, over what period of time, two-way place, in a near-term where afghans are going to take responsibility for their future. >> do you want it to be more rapid than the president's timetable? >> i don't know what the president's timetable is. he just said we're going to start to withdraw in july 2011. general petraeus says that will be conditions based. i'm not uninterested in conditions. but i think it's critical that the afghan government, plagued with corruption, somewhat alienated from top leadership in afghanistan which has made a big effort to reach out for it to take more responsibility for the fight. it seems like we want it more than they do. let me just add one more thing, i was on the ground in the district north of kandahar and in kandahar and i saw what we are doing in our
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village stablization program. it's magnificent. this onesie twosie strategy won't work. we can't bet our policies on karzai. we have to bet on the afghan people. they have to want this and take responsibility for their country as the iraquis are trying to do now. >> congresswoman, we get the sense they are willing to over look a certain level of corruption, they seem to believe karzai and his family are the only game in town. how much should we be overlooking with the bank and the rest of the mess there to put up with having this so-called government. >> david petraeus talks about an afghan good enough strategy. i'm not saying no corruption is our standard, although i would wish for it. by the way, the country of georgia has eliminated rampant corruption in its police force
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and other government agencies very impressive. but i am saying betting the policy on the karzai family is a miss attachment we just read today that the kabul bank where most afghans put what money they have is run by oneç of the kari brothers and he was enriched by a million dollars through its practices and so forth. what i'm saying is there are many capable afghans, not just the karzai family. we ought to be encouraging a broader leadership bench. i don't believe it when people say there's no bench there. we made this mistake in the bush administration with pakistan thinking only general musharraf could lead this country. that was wrong. he was deposed by his own country. now we have a democratic government in pakistan we need to shore up, in my view, transport some of the assets coming out of the iraq to afghanistan, air assets to help with the flood and putting more money into pakistan. they say it will take billions
1:18 pm
to replace the infrastructure totally washed out in about a quarter of their country. we can help with that. it's the right thing to do and a good foreign policy strategy in a country we need to crack down much harder on the taliban groups attacking in afghanistan. >> congresswoman, i want to just quickly ask you about this emerging controversy over the koran and florida pastor, mail order pastor. mayor bloomberg reiterated his belief in the first amendment on this issue. let's watch. >> the u.s. constitution says you have a right to do that period, end of story. the government can't stop you from burning a book of i thought it was distasteful, disrespectful, outrageous, jeopardizes our country and troops but the constitution protects it. you either believe in the constitution and bill of rights or you don't.
1:19 pm
>> congresswoman, given what's at stake for us and our troops, do you agree or not? >> not totally. i think what's going on is abhorrent. there's no absolute right to speech in all cases. the supreme court held years ago you can't cry fire in a crowded theater. you can't do certain kinds of burning of the american flag. and it seems toç me in this ca, we at least ought to look more closely as to whether this is so incendiary, and i believe it will be incendiary to muslim populations around the world and it is abhorrent to me personally to have the act occur. i agree you fight speech with speech. we should make this as much of a nonevent as possible. i do want to say and i do believe as general petraeus has said this will be an inflammatory act in the muslim world and i dearly wish it would
1:20 pm
not occur. >> congressman harman, jet lagged, back from afghanistan but with a lot of energy. that you so much. >> thank you, andrea. >> a new report from an influential group of experts also questioning the timetable from u.s. troops withdrawal from afghanistan. steve clemens is director of the american strategy program at the new america foundation and contributed to the report by the afghanistan study group commissionord entitled, "a new way forward." steve, a lot of provocative stuff in this. why don't we talk about why you think the timetable should not be conditions based. >> i agree with jane harman, one of the words that doesn't come up with the analysis of what's going on, we essentially have american troops wedged in in what is essentially a civil war with regional intrigue and a proxy war between india and pakistan stacked on top. so what you find with the date of withdrawal, july 2011 date, which we'd like to see the president stick to and then to move beyond, you see lots of
1:21 pm
generals and david petraeus itching to get rid of that requirement because even general conway from the marines has said this is getting sustenance to our enemies. what we really see is the notion a larger and larger military footprint is driving a lot of things in afghanistan undermining chances for success. we need to begin focusing on shrinking that footprint, creating a more exclusive structure within afghanistan that can bring in some of those that feel disenfranchised not part, economic development, promote states rights, women's rights, et cetera, try to draw in regional stakeholders in a way that can create a different more cohesive plan. bob gates said our plan in afghanistan is just way too dependent on military operations. i completely agreeç with defen secretary gates. it's now time for people to put an alternative on the table that's coherent and can drive us in a different direction.
1:22 pm
>> let me ask you about the iraq model where you managed to stabilize militarily, create alliances on the ground. then you can have the political process. here you have parliamentary elections supposed to take place in afghanistan on september 18th. hearing 1,000 polling places cannot open because of security concerns. how do you have a political transition there and have the afghans stand up if they don't have the security first? >> i think that one of the key points i think general petraeus himself acknowledges this, it wasn't the surge of u.s. troops into iraq that made the difference, it was the awareness of sunnis that have been fighting against us and the money that drove to sort of seduce many elements back into a cooperative state. that's something i think we should be doing more of in afghanistan but it means talking to our enemy. it means trying to produce much more proactively parts of what is not a monolithic element. the taliban is a very, very
1:23 pm
disjointed assortment and array of different players inside afghanistan. we should be trying to draw many of those in. i think that can give us an opportunity. but fundamentally the differences between iraq and afghanistan, afghanistan disproportionate have a history of a strong centralized government. what we're trying to do is impose that, as jane harman said, with a highly corrupt, and questionably competent leadership. rejecting for the taliban, why they don't share this values or like the controls taliban imposes, they don't see the taliban as corrupt as the karzai regime. >> a lot there. thank you, steve clemens, as we continue to examine the afghanistan strategy which clearly is finding criticism on all sides. thank you. up next, speculation building over high-stakes shake-up at the white house. plus firefighters out west still struggling to gain control
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of the stubborn wildfire near colorado. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. ssbreakout session is gonna be great.
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shock waves from chicago mayor richard daley's decision to retire are shaking up the white house. chief of staff rahm emanuel has made no secret for months his desire to be mayor. it's his dream job. will he make the run? who will get his job? thanks to david axelrod who has his roots in the daley mayor's campaign with rahm emanuel when he was younger, i think he did six races for mayor daley. he was on "morning joe." >> he has the skill set and personality to be the big city mayor, the mayor of chicago. he loves the city. he spent his life there. he represented the city in congress obviously. but he's got a lot of responsibilities here. he's trying to work his way through all of that.
1:28 pm
we both were stunned frankly when we heard yesterday the mayor wasn't going to run. >> the timing isn't great because they likely will have to make a decision about rahm before the midterm elections where the logical decision or inflection point for changes would be after the midterms for making the change, maybe they could do an acting chief of staff. let's run through some names, john. tom klain, donilon, jarrett, schiliro. who do you think among those people are most likely. >> we've been hearing a lot about tom çdonilon. it's a classic washington parlor game where we take little scraps of information and try to run as far as we can. most names you mentioned would
1:29 pm
represent continuity, somebody barack obama is familiar with, somebody already part of their team and who would essentially inherit an existing structure. often at the two-year point after a midterm, presidents are looking to short of shuffle the deck, to shake up their organization, bring new ideas, new faces, new blood. as you say, president obama may not have the luxury of that if rahm emanuel decides to run and, in fact, needs to make his intentions known and possibly depart the white house before the midterms. so again these names would represent people within the existing structure. all logical, well-known in washington. >> ron klain, of course, works for joe biden, had worked for al gore and was memoriabley played in the movie "recount."
1:30 pm
could he go to someone like tom daschle, who he wanted in the administration or dubberstein. let's say they lose and need a former chief of staff of ronald reagan and have somebody coin and reach out to a more bipartisan basis. >> possibly so. i must say daschle seems more plausible to me than ken dubberstein. it may be after the elections, if the current trends continue and democrats really get clobbered in midterms, obama will need to make a dramatic statement, look, i've gotten the message and we're doing things differently. daschle might have been more logical at the beginning when health care was a big issue. >> let me make one prediction. this president will make his decision. this will not be like ronald reagan where, you know, don regan and jim baker said we decided to swap jobs, treasury for chief of staff. you boys, whatever you decide, it's fine with me.
1:31 pm
>> thank you for that historyç lesson, andrea. this is an imminent decision and i would expect barack obama to make it himself personally perhaps with the consultation of michelle obama. >> exactly. the new parlor game in washington that at least started round one. john harris, "politico." >> up next president obama and budget director taking different sides on the tax cuts. fidel castro as you've never heard him before. the atlantic's jeffrey goldberg back from meeting with the cuban leader in havana. send me your thoughts. [ female announcer ] stay once...
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insurgents finance the attack. bp released findings of its own investigation into the gulf oil spill along with this animated video. the oil giant takes some responsibility but tries to share the blame between multiple companies and work teams it says contributed to the accident. containment crews are trying to get a handle on the raging wildfire near bolder, colorado. thousands of residents has been evacuated. the wildfire destroyed 100 structures in the region. eight residents are unaccounted for. officials in detroit started their investigation into the 85 fires that broke out tuesday night. downed power lines started the flames with high winds pushing hot ash to multiple structures. live pictures in north texas where teams are rescuing residents stranded at a flood in an apartment complex in arlington. heavy rains what's left of tropical storm hermine are blanketing the lone star state.
1:36 pm
flash flood warnings from dallas to san antonio. also live now, president obama just arriving in cleveland, ohio. there he is. he'll unveil $180 billion stimulus package that includes tax breaks and spending on big construction projects, highways. it's the infrastructure, stupid. the same thing john boehner used to attack the white house. he's picking a fight over the wealthy. what about the strategy, spend and also don't extend those tax breaks for the wealthy, just as john boehner and peter orszag, outgoing budget director -- >> let's separate the issues. on the spending side, the $50 billion infrastructure plan, there's no question that is a good short-term step. the issue is we won't feel the effects of that $50 billion for two or three years out.
1:37 pm
to the extent it's part of the political calculus you have to move it aside we won't feel it. the good news, for every dollar that goes into that, we should get about $1.57, that's what economists are saying to come out in value. that's actually good news. >> it's a jobs creator. >> that's also good news. we're also going to here about r&d, a tax credit for r&d. if you wanted to buy a new plant tomorrow or buy new technology for your company, you're going to be able to write that off 100% of it. all that will help. having said that, talking to business leaders over the last day and a half it's only going to accelerate people's current plans. it's not they are going to change plans entirely. the second issue raised, the peter orszag challenge, if you will, whether you extend bush tax cuts, especially this question on the wealthy, he would like to extend all the cuts for the next two years and cut it off completely for everybody. i think that is probably
1:38 pm
politically untenable as well. the middle class will look at that two years from now and say what gives. one other issue, if you don't -- if you extend the tax cuts for the wealthy and two years from now, the economy is in no better shape than today, you're going to have a tough time repealing them then. >> first of all, john boehner, is john boehner the target that the white house can use to go after -- this is what john boehner had to say. is this the kind of opposition that's going to work. >> why wouldn't we work together to make it clear that all current tax rates will be extended for the next two years. what that will do is help small businesses, who have no clue what the coming tax rates are going to be, gives them some certainty. if we're able to do this together, i think we'll show the american people that we understand what's going on in the country and we'll be able to get our economy moving again and get jobs growing in america.
1:39 pm
>> that's the argument the white house wants. they want to have a populist argument with the republican leader saying give the money to the wealthy. >> absolutely. the question becomes is this an extend and pretend situation. are the republicans just trying to push this issue out another two years so once they are in power they can make these things permanent? that's what the democrats will come and tell you. i think we are in for a fight. i think the hardest part obama in a way is boxing them in. it's going to be very hard if you're a republican to look at the stimulus plan, especially around tax credits and the like, and say we're against this. >> we've already heard some glimmers from a couple of republican leaders offer the weekend this is not a bad idea. this will give some predict able to the business community. they have been arguing for r&d, 100% write-offs forever. >> that's why it's very hard to say no to the extent people are calling them the party of no, it's going to be very hard to say no. having said that, you're hearing them gear up to say it's not
1:40 pm
enough. that's the rhetoric you're doing to hear over and over again. >> "too big to fail" the best book written so far. >> out in paper back this week. >> come back and talk about it again. >> who knew. >> an invitation to visit the leader in havana. i think you were on vacation in new england and you get this message from someone we both know in the intersection in washington, come on down. what did you find? what was this tour of the aquarium? >> no. that was the second day of my stay with fidel. the first day was a five-hour meeting where we talked about
1:41 pm
all of these issues. at the end of this meeting, he said -- this proves, by the way, he is, in fact, retired. he said, do you want to go to the aquarium tomorrow to see the dolphin show, to which i replied, well, yes. of course i want to see the dolphin show. he really is -- he's both back on stage in a way. he wants to be a player internationally but he really has turned over the reigns of power to his brother. in my experience communist oughto karats don't get to spend the entire day watching dolphins. >> in my past, we would go to schools, visit the grain facility at the port, showing grain coming in all over. >> how exciting. >> actually it was very exciting. medical facilities. we toured the latin america university, the medical school there, but not the aquarium. >> not the aquarium.
1:42 pm
>> you've trumped me on this one. >> that was my goal. that was my number one goal. >> the fascinating thing is from your blogs i've been following this with great interest, as you can imagine, he is absolutely right on on message, very focused on the mideast, his concerns, and they are not misplaced. if there were a war, as you've been describing, let's say an israeli attack in a year as described, that would raise energy costs worldwide and affect countries like cuba so dependent on imports. >> the fascinating thingç is, m sure you'll understand, this is a man who has direct experience, sort of the last major player left of the incident in which we came closest to seeing the world annihilated, in a nuclear crisis, the cuban missile crisis. i think his fear of what may be coming in the mideast is really rooted in his experience.
1:43 pm
i think the most noteworthy thing he said to me, it was fascinating he criticized ahmadinejad for anti-semitism. that was not what i was expecting. the most fascinating thing to me, i asked about his plea to khruschev, i said what do you think about the demand 48 years later, 50 years later. he basically disavowed it. he said knowing what i know now, i would not have -- i would not have made that request. he really seems to understand in a kind of way human frailty and how it'snot a good thing mixed with nuclear weapons. >> fascinating stuff. i want to read more about it and everything you're blogging on "the atlantic." >> thank you. coming up next, the nfl star making a difference on and off the football field. stay with us. ♪
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a minnesota vikings safety. at 28 years old, he's using his good fortune on the field to help his native sierraç leon, e west african nation notorious for brutal civil war, blood diamonds and reputations as one of the poorest in the world. nbc's ron allen recently returned from sierra leon. you had a fascinating interview. this is an extraordinary man. tell us. >> i've been all over the continent. a great opportunity to do a positive humanitarian story about an american athlete, rich and famous, spending money to do a lot of things, to benefit the country where he was born and raised age nine. we sat down and talked to him. here is some of the interview to give you a feel for what kind of person he is. you said you don't want to be defined by football. why not? >> yeah. it doesn't last long. the nfl, not for long.
1:48 pm
for the most part -- >> that's what nfl stapds for. >> in the locker room. >> on the business side, it doesn't last long. you try to enjoy it the best you k at the end of the day i have other interests outside of football. >> you gave $2 million to the university of maryland. $2 million is a lot of money. there's a lot of other things. a lot of things effective for a lifetime, years to come, beyond my years and your years. it's priceless. we're more concerned about lives. i'm certain there's going to be more than 2 million lives changed, affected. >> this is a country that ranks at the bottom, near the bottom of every socioeconomic measure there is. some people will be discouraged by all the poverty around. >> well, you've got to take
1:49 pm
small steps. small successes are good when there's a huge problem. so you try to focus on the little victories you may have. hopefully you continue to have those victories. those little victories amount to something big. >> this is not your typical football player. >> no, he's not. not to say bad things about nfl players, he's a very unusual man. he's built a school inç sierra leone for about 120 kids. he was touring the hospital there with volunteers from a foundation called healing hands, doctors, dentists, teachers there, trying to help kids in pediatric wards. conditions are squalid, terrible. a country struggling to recover from one of the most brutal civil wars africa has seen. his heart is in the right place, never far from his native land. gena very rare kind of athlete. >> i love this story. i can't wait to see the rest on
1:50 pm
"nightly news" tonight. >> a big web component as thank. >> and as i say, we will have much more tomorrow night. the vikings face the super bowl champions, the new orleans saints for the opening game of the regular season. that's tomorrow night starting 7:30 eastern on nbc. and what political story will be making headlines the next 24 hours right here? that's next. my name is vonetta, and i suffer from allergies. [ male announcer ] we asked zyrtec® users what they love about their allergy relief, and what it lets them do. the thing i love most about zyrtec® is that it allows me to be outside. [ male announcer ] we bet you'll love zyrtec®, too -- or it's free. [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. [ woman laughs ] [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue.
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>> the author of "the fix" joins us now. >> andrea, it does not take a genius to speculate that president obama's speech in ohio which is going to happen shortly, big day. the president, house democrats and senate democrats will be thrilled, focussing on the economy. rolling out incentives, transportation infrastructure plan as well as saying that he does not support extending the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest
1:54 pm
2% of americans. so there's going to be a lot here, a lot of details. the obama administrationç focussing on the economy and trying to create jobs. >> and certainly leaning on rahm emanuel saying the job doesn't come along but ever once in a while. >> that was robert gibbs as rahm emanuel for mayor campaign. look, everything points to the fact that we do think rahm emanuel is going to run. he said this is his dream job, mayor of chicago. he's very interested in it. he's not saying anything right now. i don't think he'll say anything this week. remember, this is an economy week. but filing is right after -- for chicago mayor -- wright after the election, november 20. so rahm needs to make clear internally and externally what he's doing. he needs to start putting together the grassroots, the money, all the sorts of things that go into running for mayor of chicago, the campaign ends february 22. so a very truncated period of
1:55 pm
time, if he does decide to run. >> and a runoff if there's a crowded field, pretty likely? this is a complicated race. the other shoe to drop would be who goes with him? >> very, very complicated race. the current mayor in richard j., his father, 1955 to 1976 for the former mayor. the daleys have ruled this city for the better part of the last five decades. you have wealthy white voter, hispanic voters, black voters. interesting coalition for anyone, but rahm emanuel i think would start as the favorite if he got in. >> thank you very much. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow, we talk about the koran controversy. tamron hall who knows a lot about chicago is right here next. >> as the countdown said, we are waiting for the president, and
1:56 pm
he's got a live event coming up in this hour. speaking from ohio, but that is not the only big event we are watching. the pastor who is planning to burn korans on the ninth anniversary of 9/11, well, he's planning to hold a news conference as well. pastor terry jones has said he was waiting on a sign from god whether or not he would call off this plan to burn the koran. he may be having a change of heart. we don't know. we're going to hear what he has to say live. also an update on the fires in detroit. 85 fours in four hour, devastating that city late yesterday. an update live from detroit, the mayor. we'll be right back. ♪
1:57 pm
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